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Membership (UECI)

The importance of organic:
The role played by the Arab Union in uniting the professional standard for all technicians in the Arab world, in line with international standards is a strategic goal of everyone in the Arab world must be gained through membership in the Union provided different membership levels.

Union membership offers for each of the 1. institutions, including the following:
Educational institutions (schools _ technical schools - colleges - training centers -alaeliat - universities)
Public service institutions and the business sector includes all of the companies and institutions, and service organizations.
Health institutions, including hospitals and various health services from the clinics and pharmacies and clinical laboratories.
Industrial enterprises (every industry, whether large or small factories industries.

Include membership levels follows:- According to the following ranks
1- Associate Membership
2- Organic specialty
3- Memberships expert companies
4- Memberships consulting firms
5- Memberships individuals
6- Request membership specialist