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Arab Union

Considered experts and consultants International Union (ueci) an international organization that works Bala Rtqa professional specialization and the work of professional standards aligned with the business environment in the Arab world through (stander) International. Union works to support projects through specialized committees and then connected to the sources of funds and decision-making centers of capital to find Alazm support for these projects

The goals of the Arab Union To maximize success rates in each business sector.
Strategy is to build partnerships with various international bodies and boards.
Dissemination of technological awareness and the culture of specialization through specialized conferences and training courses and workshops.
Linking study the needs of the labor market through the creation of partnerships between Strategy institutes, colleges and companies.
Supporting research projects and providing crisis care and has provided capital ventures process to eliminate the problem of unemployment and other economic problems

Our MissionSpecialization and the fundamental duty of every individual must be accompanied by a "moral worth of precious individual. So we can make a sustainable development.

Our vision The basis for development of the individual in society. It is the prime mover in the process of evolution. So you should be eligible "qualified" in practice "sophisticated."

Constituent Assembly of the Union It consists of union members who represent various Arab countries.

Executive Office of the Arab Union (motorized propulsion) It consists of a group of specialized offices in accordance with the objectives set for the policy and the policy of the Union of the Arab League organizations.

Partnership with the bodies of the Arab Union for international experts A strategic partner of the Federation of colleges and technical institutes (United Kingdom)
- A strategic partner with the United Advisory Group (USA)
- American Council for Higher and Technical Education strategic partner
- International Journal of development that are distributed in the Arab world is a strategic partner